Mood, Ambience & Dramatic Effects by Joseph Meehan

SKU Bx107-MoodAmbienceDramaticEffectsMEEHAN
Kodak Books: The Art of Digital Photography published by Lark Books 2008, softcover, 8-1/2 x 11", 192 pages, full color.

Lighting, exposure, and computer effects: every one of these photographic elements helps create a photograph’s ambience, transforming it from a simple document into an eloquent, interpretive piece of art. From Kodak comes a complete course in refining the image and enhancing the scene you’re capturing. It focuses on personal expression, on moving beyond reality through point of view, software options, and all the camera’s tools. Master photographer Joseph Meehan provides invaluable professional advice on how to add drama with light quality, change the subject presentation through lens focal length, work with filters, shift perspectives, and harness the power of black-and-white imagery. Artist portfolios filled with award-winning examples illustrate every concept, and show photographers how to turn ordinary pictures into truly compelling pieces.

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