Minox Pocket Companion by Joseph D. Cooper, 1962

Universal Photo Books, Inc 1962. Spinal-Bound, 4 x 5-3/4", 94 pages + original grey card. Uncommon book in good condition, spine is loose and has piece missing.

Complete User Guide for Minox Cameras, especially for the Minox B & Minox IIIS.

Minox Camera Models & Features
Films and Accessories
Loading and unloading the Minox B
Loading and unloading the Minox IIIS
Operating the Minox B Exposure Meter
Shutter Speeds
Distance Settings (Focusing)
Minox Filters
Flash Photography
Candid Camera
Private Eye Techniques
Minox Pocket Tripod
Use of Copying Equipment
Tele-Minox Photography (Binoculars) and MORE

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