Mastering the Nikon D700 by Darrell Young and James Johnson (Used)

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RockyNook 2009, softcover, 6 x 9", 244 pages, color illustrations

Mastering the Nikon D700 provides a wealth of information and professional insights for owners of this powerful new camera. Each chapter explores the features and capabilities of the D700 in detail, surpassing basic user manuals by providing step-by-step menu setting adjustments coupled with illustrations and logical explanations for each option. The authors’ writing style allows the reader to follow directions in a friendly and informative manner, as if your friends dropped in to share their experienced knowledge without "talking down" to you, explaining the how and the why.

The learning experience for D700 beginners (and refresher information for professionals) goes beyond the camera itself. When camera features and options expand to additional Nikon equipment (such as with the use of optional Speedlights) the authors add the necessary information. Their frequent references to user manuals provided by Nikon (complete with specific page references) allow the reader to easily navigate past the confusion factor that often comes with new equipment.

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