Mastering Digital Wedding Photography by James Karney


Thomson Course Technology 2007, softcover, 410 pages, 9" x 11", color illustrations.

Mastering Digital Wedding Photography serves as a practical guide to the unique art, craft, and business of wedding photography in the digital realm. Succeeding as a wedding photographer requires more than the ability to take excellent pictures under pressure. You must also develop a solid business and marketing plan that makes you stand out from the crowd in this highly competitive industry. This book addresses each of these fundamental skills. You will conquer hands-on techniques for the shooting of documentary events, making great portraits quickly, and maximizing the quality of your images after they have been captured. You'll also cover the essential topics of workflow and file management and important marketing techniques that will expand your services and grow your business. Whether you are a novice photographer, a seasoned professional adding weddings to your assignment list, or a film photographer transitioning to the digital realm, Mastering Digital Wedding Photography will help you develop the skills you need to capture the magic of each wedding you photograph.

Explore the elegant world of digital wedding photography as you discover how to:
*** Select and purchase your photographic gear, set up your computer, and create a website
*** Enhance your booking skills to generate new business, maximize your profits, and keep your clients happy
*** Hone your photographic skills with masterful use of light, successfully capture motion shots and pose still shots, and capture the emotion of each moment
*** Effectively manage your workflow and software to quickly prepare your images for proofing
*** Cut your costs and protect your work with online or DVD presentations

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