Mastering Digital Black and White: A Photographer's Guide to High Quality Black-and-White Imaging and Printing by Amadou Diallo

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Thomson Course Technology 2007, softcover, 9 1/4 x 7 1/2", 371 pages, B&W and some color illustrations

The very nature of black and white photography places a premium on creative interpretation of the image. Advances in digital technology have expanded both the precision of imaging techniques and the interpretive possibilities for black and white imagery. Never before has such a wide array of tools been available to photographers who have a passion for black and white. Mastering Digital Black and White is written for these photographers. It serves not only as a comprehensive guide for creating black and white images and prints, but also examines the role of artistic craft in the imaging process.
Learn how to employ your digital tools as extensions of your photographic vision. Read in-depth interviews with, and view images from, five accomplished photographers as they discuss their process and inspirations. Prepare to indulge your passion for gallery-quality black-and-white images in the digital darkroom. Additional supporting content for this book and a discussion forum for photographers and printmakers with a passion for black and white can be accessed at:

Features *** A comprehensive book focusing on the increasingly popular subject of black-and-white imagery
*** Combines the complexities of the digital darkroom with the creative vision of fine art photography
*** Focuses on traditional darkroom manipulation, rather than the creation of fantasy images
*** Techniques and concepts are geared exclusively towards exhibition-quality work

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