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Master Lighting Guide for Commercial Photographers by Robert Morrissey

Amherst Media 2007, softcover, 8-1/2 - 11", 126 pages, 165 full-color, includes 135 detailed lighting diagrams.

Master the skills you need to produe images that will sell your clients' products in print ads or on the Internet.

This must-have book includes 135 detailed lighting diagrams and step-by-step discussions that teach you how to most effectively light a wide array of products, interiors, and models.

Morrissey starts with a discussion on the types and characteristics of light you're likely to encounter on the job. You'll also learn how to select and use cameras, electric flash units, and modifiers to sculpt the light to suit your creative vision.

Next, you'll learn how making small changes in your product lighting will allow you to present your subject in the most provacative possible way. You'll learn how repositioning lights and modifiers, and adding and subtracting units from the set will provide a wide array of lighting options with a single subject. Finally, you'll get an inside look at the strategies Morrissey used to create some of his most challenging assignments and remarkable images.

*** Understanding the foundations of commercial lighting, including the types of light, the characteristics of light, and how to get a flawless exposure
*** Tips on selecting the right equipment for commercial photography—from cameras and flash units to light stands and modifiers
*** Instructions for creating simple setups to shoot products, interiors, automobiles, and more
*** Using panels, honeycomb grids, umbrellas, and softboxes to precisely control your lighting
*** Includes 135 detailed lighting diagrams to help you easily re-create effective lighting effects

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