Make Better Inkjet Prints ...... THE EASY WAY! with Will Crockett (FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD)

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FridayPhotoSchool live recording May 6, 2010; running time 86 minutes, play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. DVD ships in plastic clam DVD case.

We all want to make inkjet prints with predictable color but sometimes it seems as if printers have a mind of their own. Digital photo expert Will Crockett from and shows you the simplest, easiest and fastest ways for the professional and emerging pro photographer to make stunning inkjet prints - every time without all the guessing and checking.

In this seminar, Will covers:
*** the setup of a typical inkjet printer,
*** speedy file prep,
*** paper choices,
*** software configuration for success,
*** how to print correctly using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom with ease,

and Will explores some cool new ways to use your printer to make client-pleasing cards and books.

It’s all about the print in this 86 minute seminar that shows all the shortcuts for printing to pro as well as "semipro" inkjet printers.
Presented by Moab Inkjet papers.

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