Location Lighting Solutions by Jack Neubart

Expert Professional Techniques for Artistic and Commercial Success

Amphoto 2006, softcover, 8-1/2 x 11", 176 pages, 200 color photos, 20 lighting diagrams.

From assignment to finished project--how did they get that shot? Location Lighting Solutions presents the real-world projects of more than 25 top photographers, then shows how they were created. Readers see the original assignment, then follow the steps along the road to arriving at the perfect resolution: the successful final photograph. Both commercial and editorial approaches to corporate, architectural, advertising, conceptual and sci-fi photos, cars, people, and more, all on location, are covered in this practical guide. Step-by-step illustrations and lighting diagrams, plus the words of the photographers themselves, reveal the client’s objectives, the logistics and challenges of the location, lighting and other techniques used to get the picture, digital manipulation, styling, equipment, postproduction, and everything else needed to produce the final stunning results.

*** More than fifty professional photo shoots in fashion, interiors, lifestyle, archtecture, and beauty broken down and fully explained
*** Detailed lighting deagrams illustrating each lighting element
*** Practical advice and tips on equipment, techniques, and working with clients and art directors.

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