Linhof Technique Data Sheets 2nd Edition 1961

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1. Depth of field with the Swing Back

2. Corrections of Vertical Lines

3. Parallel Lines from Low Angles

4. Combination of Front and Side View

5. Front View rom Oblique Camera Position

6. Control of Perspective with the Swing Back

7. How to Choose the Right Lens

8. Special Hints on Camera Adjustments

9. Perspective Control by Lateral Displacement of the Lens Standard

10. Macrophotography with the Universal Accessary Stand

11. The Use of Wide-Angle Lens in Large-format Photography

12. Condensed Description of Camera Adjustments

13. Camera Adjustments with the Kardan Color View Camera

14. Individual Devlopement of Large-format Negatives.

Published by Linhof, Precision Camera Works, West Germany

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