Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS! by Peter iNova (eBook on CD-ROM) for Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3 or higher


Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS! Interactive eBook plus over 600 original iNovaFX automated transformations for your 6 to 12 megapixel images within Photoshop 7 through CS3+

Photoshop 7, CS, CS2 or CS3. Windows and Mac compatible. Not all Actions work in older versions. Actions are not for Photoshop Elements.

Actions are programs that take over Photoshop® and execute a stream of precise operations as fast as Photoshop can think.

Some are only a few steps, others are hundreds of steps long. Each commands Photoshop to produce a desired transformation of an image achieving exceptional—often previously impossible—results.

iNovaFX Actions are grouped in categories.
*** Repairs: Some make corrections to image flaws, such as barrel distortion correction or white balance errors. Others brush away blown pixels from long exposures.
*** Conversions: Convert photos into convincing oil paintings, realistic watercolors, graphic cartoons and precision airbrush illustrations. One even converts the image into a Japanese wood block styled print circa 1880 on textured rice paper. A few will age your shot 150 years.
*** Borders: A whole series that surrounds your image in film. Film borders from roll film, 4x5 sheet film, accurate 35mm single chips of film and 35mm filmstrips in slide and movie formats are produced in seconds.
*** Glass Filter Effects: Add filters to your images that previously required glass. Polarize the blue sky. Add a grad (gradation) filter. Mount any of ten cross star filters. Force a vignette. Produce a plausible infrared B&W effect from a normal color shot. Add a diffusion filter. You can even add a rainbow halo filter effect with Photoshop CS2 and CS3.
*** Enhancements: Dig into the tonalities of images to bring up shadow detail, get rid of noise, smooth skin texture or to produce unprecedented tonal range. iNovaFX enhancements preserve the maximum photographic detail.
*** Sheer Magic: The butterflies on the eBook cover come from an Action that turns ANY image into this striking graphic. Kids love to have their faces made into butterfly wings.
*** Bigger than Photoshop: A whole series takes the ideas behind Photoshop's standard Filters and turns them into expanded tools you can apply with a single button click. Photoshop is only the starting place for over a hundred new and finely-tuned PS Filter effects.

eBook pages are in PDF form, making them easy to read on any Windows or Macintosh platform. Pages are wide in format, just like your screen, and can be printed out if desired, on standard letter paper. Adobe Reader 8 is included.

Most eBook images are interactive. Slide the mouse cursor over the shot, and it changes right before your eyes to give you high-resolution A/B comparisons. Some have up to ten shots in one spot, allowing in-register views of a wide range of different variations. Viewing on your computer screen can be enlarged perfectly up to 400% without encountering pixels.

The Actions are loaded into Photoshop 7 ~ CS3 through the Actions Palette and are compatible with Photoshop for Windows, Vista, Mac and Macintel computers.

Tip: Once you load the Actions into Photoshop, quit the program and start it up, again. All the Actions are right where you left them, saved and retrieved by Photoshop, always ready to go.

There's even a chapter on how to make your own Actions!

Purchasing the ACTIONS! eBook grants you a license to sell images made with iNovaFX Actions.

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