Lighting for Glamour Photography, Revised Edition by Duncan Evans & David Kimber

Amphoto Books 2004. 8 1/2 x 11 1/2, Soft Cover, 160 pages.
Great lighting is the key to successful glamour photography. It can be used to create an ambience, soften contours, and achieve subtle or dramatic effects. Discover how to light women beautifully with this guide to the tools, techniques, and trade secrets of professional glamour photographers. Totally updated and revised to include all the new technology and styles, expecially digital. Learn how to analyze the quality of light. Find out how to light studio and indoor settings using reflectors, electronic flash, and mixing natural and artificial light sources. Great location shots are assured with essential advice on photographing outdoors, from using fill-in flash and special filters to coping with the changing light and conditions. Clear Photograhs show the uses of high and low lighting, and how to balance foreground and background exposures. Includes tips on building a porfolio and going professional
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