Lighting Techniques for Fashion And Glamour Photography by Stephen A. Dantzig, PsyD

Amherst Media 2005, softcover, 8 1/2 x 11", 128 pages, 140 full-color photos.
In fashion and glamour photography, nothing creates a mood quite like light. It can evoke a mysterious feel, a playful quality, or even a natural, sun-kissed look that renders the model simply radiant. In this book, Dantzig outlines the basics of light theory, then moves to a discussion on metering - with techniques for both digital and film photography. He describes the lighting equipment used by fashion and glamour photographers and provides advice on the light placement for headshots, fashion photographs, and beauty images. Both studio and location lighting are covered in detail. Discussions on the nature of light, techniques for controlling it, and other savvy tips will leave you with greatly highly marketable images.

Understanding light and its characteristics
Metering for flawless exposures, whether you shoot digital or film
Controlling the color in your images
Studio and location lighting techniques
Lighting the background for creative effects
Techniques for headshots, beauty shots, and body shots
Tips for working with models.
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