Light, camera, PROFITS! Transforming Photos into Dollars with Will Crockett - A Shootsmarter Tutorial DVD

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Shootsmarter Tutorial DVD 2009, play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM drive. Running time 2 hours, 9 minutes. Ships in plastic DVD clam case.

You can make BETTER photos easier and faster than you are now.

Create digital photo files that need the least amount of correction and repair so you can spend your time and energy on producing more dollars per hour. Post-processing is a great way to adding value - not fixing problems - this DVD shows the professional as well as emerging pro photographers all the steps and shortcuts to transforming lighting, camera work, printing and more into dollars.

Using the technology you probably already have, leading pro photo educator Will Crockett presents the must-know info on how to produce premium quality portrait photographs with ease in this over 2 hour DVD. Loaded with info and enthusiasm, Will covers only his best profit saving topics for the studio / location portrait shooter, to the indoor event coverage photographer, to a little bit of outdoor fill-flash too in what is described as "the best video yet from one of the most trusted resources in the industry."

Here's what is waiting for you in this terrific video.

*** Opening Segment. Will Crockett introduces the idea of creating photo files that need the least amount of correction and repair possible so we can spend our time and energy on producing more dollars per hour. Post-processing should be for adding value - not fixing problems.

The 5 Best Tips in Pro Photography. Will is considered one of the top photo consultants on our time and has access to a wide array of photo tools for his testing. This has led him to the presentation of his 5 top tips that are sometimes blindingly simple and other times a little more advanced. But all are good and quite a crowd pleaser.

Printing Inkjet and to a Lab? Of course! Watch how to make the printing process as smooth as possible from the best of the free software to upload to your lab, to the problem solving methods of printing to wide format inkjet with beautiful color. Both methods made gorgeous prints, but both have different different ways of making a profit. Will shows you some of his best shortcuts here including a segment on how he goes directly from Lightroom to his lab.

YESSSS!! Automated Retouching. Will jokes that he is "allergic to Photoshop" and chooses instead to find plug ins that can be automated or at least reduce the amount of time spent in retouching and converting photo files into a higher priced value-added photograph. Starting from Lightroom, Photoshop and even Aperture, you see the absolute BEST way to convert from a color file to B&W, and a simply amazing plugin for softening skin blems, texture and wrinkles like a robot.

Simplify File Storage and Backup. No need to be confused on which hard drives to buy, how to make your file backups automated and simple, even backing up to the internet for off-site storage. Will tests all kinds of components like this for his consulting clients and has built a solid (and simple!) system in his studio. Not afraid to name names, Will presents the pros & cons, and tells you the exact brands he uses as well as the software for PC and Mac that work best.

Wireless Triggering. Using the banquet room at a nice hotel, Will sets up to shoot a series of candid photos of a typical corporate event. Each component, from the camera, the TTL flash system, the wireless triggering system for the flash, the flashmeter to measure roomlight, and the shooting technique are discussed, then you see in real time how you can shoot in JPEG mode with perfect color and exposure. Zero adjustments needed to the files with one of his flashes bouncing off of a yellow wall! See an image go from the camera directly to the printer (no file adjustments) with premium quality that the audience loves. All of the ShootSmarter recommended wireless triggering systems are discussed as well as the current list of TTL capable flashes from Nikon, Canon, Metz and Quantum that Will suggests for this level of event coverage. Using the right tools to make jobs like this 2 light TTL ratio shoot simple and profitable is what shooting smarter is all about.

Simplifying Outdoor Fill Flash. Understanding the delicate balance between the available light and the flash you add as a fill is the key to good looking and repeatable outdoor fill flash shots. Will opens up the "Percent of Flash" concept to show you what an image looks like when it's 30% flash and 70% available light...all the way through to 80% flash and 20% available light. The audience votes on which "percentage" they find most appealing. Next, the troubles with TTL outdoors for fill flash is presented and Will shows you the solutions.

Pro Level Outdoor Fill Flash Example. Photographer Nick Coury steps in to show some great behind the scenes tips on how to shoot fill flash on the beach for a lovely family portrait. Battery powered flash from shoe mount to Qflash to the beefy Elinchrom Ranger are shown as options.

One Smooth Photo Session. Sargeant Albert (the ShootSmarter shipping manager) steps into a simple and powerful photo set to make this striking portrait using only 3 lights. Then Will quickly moves the file through Lightroom for simple cropping and outputs to both the lab and to the inkjet to discuss the pros & cons of each. The final prints meet with the audiences' approval and Will wraps up the video with plenty of open and honest discussion on how to setup your system to eliminate exposure, sharpness, and color problems so you can get back to being a photographer instead of a technician

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