Let's Learn Lighting: Softening Basics INDOORS with Will Crockett (Foundation Tutorial DVD)

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FridayPhotoSchool Foundations Seminar Series Tutorial DVD; running time 56 minutes. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. DVD ships in a plastic DVD clam case

Professional photographers know that creating good quality light for indoor portraiture usually means softening the light with some sort of light modifier, but how do you know which ones will work best for you?

Let's learn lighting from the ground up by taking a close look at the difference in softness created by tools like silver umbrellas, shoot through umbrellas, strip lights and BIG soft boxes that can be powered by anything from a simple speedlite to a premium studio strobe.

Join world-class photographer Will Crockett from ShootSmarter.com for a brand new Foundations Seminar that uses one flash, one model, and one light modifier to illustrate the basics of softening light starting with a typical battery powered shoe flash mounted to a light stand, then adding a small umbrella, and ending with a studio strobe inside a 5 foot softbox.

No matter if you are new to pro photography, or a seasoned pro, you have a front row seat to see an hour's worth of terrific info as Will creates a series of sample images that reveal the results of:
Changing the type of light modifier you use,
Using the same modifier - but in different sizes,
Changing the distance between the light and the subject,
Softboxes vs. Umbrellas,
and much more.

Along the way, you get to see some great tips on where to place the light, controlling brightness and color, and some insight on how and when to choose the right lighting tools that you will never outgrow.

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