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This enormous unpublished work was written from the notes and records of lens collector, Matthew Wilkinson and friend, Colin Glanfield. Matthew unexpectedly passed away from Cancer in 1994 and never had the chance to write a formal book on camera lenses. Colin Glanfield and Dr. Neil Wright (and countless others), put this draft book together over many years. This enormous volume of this work is unprecedented in its size and scope of information on photographic lenses from 1839 to present day. The lenses covered are basically from the birth of photography (1839) to present day with even the New Voigtlander / Cosina lenses listed ( c.2003 )! Any camera or lens collector, from Antique to Classic to Modern, will enjoy this read. Lenses from all over the world are represented - US, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Russia, and many more ! This huge volume of work is what I think anyone would consider to be the bible of photographic lenses. You'll find information on the earliest brass lenses; turn of the century beauties like the Heliar; classics such as Leica, Contax, Nikon and Canon Rangefinder lenses; all the way to modern lenses from Pentax, Zeiss, Canon, Minolta etc.......all lens formats are represented including Large Format. This is a must have reference. Below are some sample pages of the book. The Vade Mecum is in Adobe format. The work is over 700 pages in length.

Included on the CD are both the second and third editions. The second edition is not printable, only viewable in adobe reader. The latest edition ( 3rd) is fully able to be printed and manipulated. Dan Colucci has obtained the rights to distribute this work from Dr. Neil Wright of the UK and publisher, David Matthews, also from the UK and he furnished us with this simple reproduct CD.

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