Leica & Leicaflex Lenses, Second Edition With Addition To Photokina 1984

Excellent+++ Condition. Hardcover with Dust Jacket.

By G. Rogliatti. (1984). Second Edition With Additions to Photokina 1984. Hove. Hard-cover, 6 x 8 1/2", 180 pages, B&W photos.
Background Notes
Brief History Of Leitz Lenses
Lens design At Wetlar
The Manufacture of Leitz Lenses
Screw And Bayonet Lenses
Index Of Screw And Bayonet Lenses
Wide Angle Lenses
Standard Lenses
Telephoto Lenses(Coupled to Rangefinder)
Telephoto Lenses (For Use With Visoflex)
Lenses For Reflex Cameras
Index Of Lenses For Reflex Cameras
Wide Angle Lenses
Standard Lenses
Telephoto Lenses
Visoflex Lenses For Use On Reflex Cameras
Variable Focal Length Lenses
Some Unusual Lenses
E. Leitz, New York
Lenses That Didn't Make It
Glossary Of Lens Terms
Lens Production Tables
Additions And Changes Since First Printing Of This Edition
New Lenses
Lenses No Longer In Production
Detail Changes In Production Lenses
Lens Serial Numbers From 1969
Uncommon Edition.

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