Leica Type Shutter, 1975 - Camera Technician Course

National Camera Technical Traning Division manual. 46 pages, fully black & white illustrated, 5-1/4 x 8-1/2". Written by S.L. Love, the manual covers design of the self-capping shutter, operation, making new curtains, installation, speed control, etc. Applicable to all users of this type of shutter.


The self-capping Focal-Plane shutter

Flash Synchronization with a Focal-Plane Shutter

The Leica-Type Shutter - most common self-capping design

Basic operation of the Leica-Type Shutter

Making new curtains

Curtain positions in the camera

The Take-up Rollers

The curtain Drum

The curtain-winding mechanism

The speed-Control mechnism

The Leica Slow-speed system

Coupling the Slow-speed mechanism to the curtains

Variations in the Design of the Leica-Type Shutter

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