Leica - The First 70 Years by Gianni Rogliatti 1995

Hove Collectors Books 1995, Hardcover, 7-3/4 x 10", 240pages

Book is in very good+ condition, mild signs of wear on dust-jacket.

The newest edition of this well-known work chronicles the history of the Leica camera from the first prototypes to the present day. Updated with recent equipment plus new historical data uncovered while research was conducted on this new edition. Richly illustrated. A "must have" for all Leica fanciers.


The Leica Story
Technical Background
Prototypes of the First LEICA
First Production LEICA's-A New System of Photography is Launched
Versatility and Speed--Growth of the LEICA System
Perfection of the Screw LEICA-The Die-cast Models
Two Special Models- the "250" and "72"
The M Revolution- Beginning of a Forty Year Saga
Development of the LEICA M-Cameras
Through-lens Metering
The LEICAFLEX- First LEICA Reflex Camera
The Electronic LEICA Reflex Cameras
Return to the Mechanical Reflex
Compact LEICA Cameras
Limited Edition Anniversary and Commemorative Cameras
Wartime and Military Cameras
Special purupose LEICA Models
Experimental Models
Factory Cameras
Factory Conversions
Motors and Winding Aids
LEICA Lenses
LEICA as the Universal Camera- Accessories for Every Purpose
LEICA- The Total System
Caring for Old LEICA Cameras
CONCLUSION- A personal View of the Outstanding Cameras and Lenses of 7 decades
APPENDIX I - General Alphabetical Catalogue
APPENDIX 2 - List of Serial Numbers up to 1992
APPENDIX 3- List of LEICA Lens Numbers

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