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Leica M Digital Photography by Brian Bower (Leica M8 & Leica M8.2) 2009

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Title is out of print and difficult to find . . in like new condition. Lark Books 2009, softcover w/flaps, 8 1/2 x 11", 192 pages, color illustrations

Leica makes the world’s premiere luxury rangefinder camera system—and here’s the definitive guide to using the magnificent Leica M8 digital camera, as well as its brand-new complementary model, the M8.2. It’s written specifically for the many Leica photographers who want to take full advantage of a digital Leica’s potential and produce the very best pictures possible.

As a rangefinder digital camera, the M8 offers unique advantages, but it also presents specific challenges, which author and Leica expert Brian Bower addresses at length and in depth, enhanced by his own gorgeous Leica photography. He discusses digital controls, lenses, and accessories; close-up techniques and flash photography; and options for firmware, software, and hardware.

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