Kodak - 100 Years of Memories In a Snap! 1888-1987

SKU BR6544/Kodak 100 Years of Memories
Very Good Condition. Kodak presentation folder, 8 3/4 x 11 1/2.

Contents Laid in Include:

Printed Articles:

A Snapshot Feature 100 Years of History(8 pages)

Picture Taking: A Bargain Providing Priceless Memories

Snapshot Technology on Threshold of Second Century of Innovation(6 pages)

Transcending the Ordinary: Snapshot as New Photographs(5 pages)

Snapshot Technology of Threshold of Second Century of Innovation(6 pages)

A Snapshot Primer: Advanced Technology Captures Your Colorful World In Pictures(8 pages)

As The Second 100 Years Begin "Snapshots" Are Bigger Than Ever(13 pages)

Photofinishing: Innovation Help You Get The Most From Your Best Pictures(8 pages)

George Eastman Inventor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist(7 pages)

Section Two - Photographs and Article:

17, 8x10 Black and White Glossy Historical Photographs( Early

Article - A Century of Snapshots: An Overview(12 pages)


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