Killer Photos with Your iPhone by Matthew Bamberg, Kris Krug, Greg Ketchum

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CoursePTR 2010, softcover, 10 x 7-1/2", 280 pages

Killer Photos with Your iPhone shows students how to take fantastic pictures using the camera built right into their iPhone. Because of its portability and unique capabilities, the iPhone camera is now one of the most popular digital cameras on the market, and this book shows you how to do everything from taking simple pictures to using apps to snap and create innovative images. You'll find information on the basics of shooting with an iPhone, including how to aim, compose, and focus your shots, as well as shooting within an app platform, and even post-processing. Many of the most popular photography apps are covered, and explained option-by-option with full-color images that allow students to see the progression of the app all at once instead of step-by-step. Covering both the 3G and 3GS iPhone models, this book will have students shooting, editing, and sharing killer photos in no time!

•There are currently no other books that are specific to photography with an iPhone.
•Unique layout features option-by-option explanations of apps with full-color images that allow you to see the progression of the app all at once instead of step-by-step.
•Includes coverage of free and inexpensive applications that can be used when shooting, editing, and sharing photos taken with the iPhone.

Table of Contents:
1. iPhone Overview
2. Using the iPhone Camera
3. Better Photos on an iPhone
4. Portraits
5. Photographing Places and Things
6. Working with Different Types of Light
7. Preventing Lighting Errors
8. Choosing Backgrounds
9. Reflections
10. Resizing Photos
11. Photo Editing on Computer
12. All About Applications
13. Photo Editing Apps on iPhone
14. Exterior Accessories
15. View What Other iPhone Photographers Have Shot
16. Connecting to the World

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