Keppler On The Eye-Level Reflex, First Edition, By Herbert Keppler 1960

By Herbert Keppler. (1960). Amphoto. Hard-cover, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2", 164 pages, B&W photos. "The only frank and irreverent analysis of all prism reflexes with full information on their use, care, and feeding." Book is in good condition. Dust-jacket has tear and missing piece from back cover.
Inside the Reflex
An opinionated Camera Guide: six steps before buying Agfaflex - Alpa - Bessamatic - Canon - Contaflex - Contarex - Edixa - Exakta - Konica - Minolta - Miranda - Nikon - Pentacon - Pentax - Petri - Praktina - Prismat - Retina Reflex - Topcon - Yashica
Film, Exposure and Nonsense
The Truth about Lenses
What Lens, where and how?
Every Portrait a Drama
Putting Snap into Scenics
Do Strangers bite?
Problem Children
Practical Low Light Techniques
Under your Nose and closer
My Pet cures and poisons
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