John Shaw's Closeups in Nature by John Shaw

Amphoto 1987, Softcover, 8-1/4 x 11", 144 pages, 190 color photographs. A classic title for close-up photography.
One of the country's foremost nature photographers offers closeup techniques and covers exposure, equipment, and composition, along with special equipment and lenses.
Features and more:
*Getting started - explanation of magnification, exposure & metering, calibrate a meter.
*Equipment & Film - camera system, tripods & heads, focusing rails, filters
*In the Field - Depth of field, backgrounds, light, composition
*Extensions - tubes, bellows, short-normal-telephoto lenses, macro lenses, using handmeter
*Electronic Flash - black backgrounds and lens selection, selection, position, etc.
*Supplementary Lenses and Teleconverters
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