Images And Enterprise: Technology And The American Photographic Industry 1839-1925 by Reese V. Jenkins

By Reese V. Jenkins. (1987). Second Edition. Soft-cover, 7 x 10", 371 pages, B&W illustrations. Winner of the Dexter Prize of the Society for the History of Technology. From the early daguerreotype to the rise of the motion picture, this book explores the business, technical, and social factors that transformed the American photographic industry between 1839 and 1925. This prize-winning history traces the technical changes that culminated in George Eastman's creation of the Kodak system of amateur photography in the 1880's. Its compact, simply operated cameras would revolutionize an entire industry--even if at first the whole camera had to be mailed back to the company for the developing and reloading. Also vividly portrayed is the emergence of cinematography in its relationship to traditional photography and reveals the growing importance of institutionalized research, as Eastman Kodak and the other American and European photographic materials manufacturers strove to develop commercially practical color photography.
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