ICG Magazine - International Cinematographers Guild (all 12 issues) 2003

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Very Good Condition. All Twelve Issues for 2003


January - Blind Justice, Ericson Core Sheds Some Light Into the Dark World of Daredevil

February - Crisis of Conscience, Mauro Fiore Reveals One Man's Moral Dilemma in Tears Of The Sun

March - Motel Hell, Phedon Papmichael puts the viewer in The Dark With Identity

April - The Perfect Grift, Stevie

May - Trouble In Tinseltown, The Italian Job

June - Fight the Future, The Hulk, 2 Fast 2 Furious

July- If Wishes Were Horses, John Schwartzman, ASC Crosses the finish line with Seabiscuit

August - In the Line Of Fire, Grind

September - Guilty by Suspicion, Tom Stern Bring a Elegant simplicity to Clint Eastwood's Mystic River

October - Hell Hath No Fury, Kill Bill Vol 1

November - The Cat In The Hat, Boomtown

December - Mona Lisa Smile

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