How to Shoot Great Travel Photos by Susan McCartney


Allworth Press 2005, softcover, 150 pages, 8 1/2" x 10", color illustrations.

A world traveler and master photographer reveals how to capture original, top-notch travel photos from around the globe with film or digital media. Illustrated by more than 150 breathtaking images from the author’s own work, the book presents a comprehensive roadmap to the challenges and rewards of the travel genre. Readers learn to handle issues such as exposure and metering, films, filters, and lighting under every exotic scenario, climate, and location imaginable; how to organize their trips effectively; and how to practice their skills close to home. Professional photographers will find useful insights on how to shoot travel photos for the stock and editorial market, from identifying in-demand destinations and researching the location to editing and presenting the work. The book includes an extensive section on research tips, travel precautions and problems, safety concerns, communicating with friends or clients from the road, and recent evolutions in travel and photography equipment. From shooting colorful album photos and museum-worthy artwork to prosaic shots for travel brochures, this book provides timely, sophisticated advice for both amateurs and professionals.

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