How to Grow as a Photographer: Reinventing Your Career by Tony Luna

Allworth Press 2006, softcover, 6 x 9", 202 pages, b&w photos.

Are you bored producing the same old work, but do it because it is safe? Are corporate politics, outsourcing, or the digital revolution too much for you to handle? Has a personal tragedy caused you to reevaluate your career path? If you answered yes to any of these questions, look no further than this inspirational guide. Learn how to:

*** Recognize when something is wrong
*** Use work-history and personal timelines to meld your passions with your career choices
*** Reeducate yourself when faced with creative challenges
*** Embrace risk and evaluate your assets to make your next move
*** sell your unique vision through a "passion first" marketing approach
*** Use time-management techniques to stay focused, create revenue and increase your creative output.

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