Honeywell Pentax Manual, By Joseph D. Cooper, First Edition (In Binder) 1975


By Joseph D. Cooper. (1975). Amphoto. Ring-bound/binder, twelve complete chapters, color and B&W photos. Contents are in "like-new" condition. Binder cover has very subtle signs of shelf life.


1. Introduction to the Pentax Family

2. Operating the Pentax Cameras (incl. Pentax ES - Spotmatic F - Spotmatic II - Spotmatic IIa - Spotmatic - Pentax SL - Pentax SP1000 - SP500)

3. Lenses: 35mm

4. Creative Image Control

5. Exposure Measurement and Control

6. Flash and Artificial Lighting Principles

7. Closeups and Copying

8. The Pentax Motor-Drive System

9. A Guide to Subjects and Situations

10. Unusual Effects

11. The Pentax 6 x 7

12. Darkroom, Filing and Display Techniques  

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