High ISO & Low Light Photography with Will Crockett (FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD)


FridayPhotoSchool 2011. Tutorial DVD. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 60 minutes. DVD ships in a plastic clam CD/DVD case

Taking great portraits and other photos under low light conditions presents its own set of problems. Digital noise, poor autofocus, and really awful color prevent most photographers from making a great available light shot. Not any more! Join master digital technology expert Will Crockett in this 60 minute program that shows you how to use the power inside your camera for the best possible capture under very low light environments, and what post-processing systems work best for noise control, color and sharpness. You will be amazed at how simple it is to make stunning portraits even with the equipment you already have as long as you follow Wills easy guidelines.

Low light portraits, candids, and non-people photos are a part of how today's photographer tell their stories. Having clean, clear images is one of the reasons that clients hire a professional photographer instead of doing it themselves. Learn all the up-to-the-minutes tips and techniques in this one hour program.

Here's what's inside this photo learning event:
- Avoiding low-light noise problems.
- Photo shutter sharpness: shutter speeds, camera movement, ISO choices.
- Focusing Facts in Low Light.
- Post-processing for noise reduction and sharpness.
- Shooting anywhere, anytime, any light.

Photographers of all skill levels will benefit from this terrific WebTV program with one of the brightest and most entertaining photo educators on the planet. Catch Will Crockett at his best - showing you how to shoot smarter instead of harder (and let the camera do the work for you!)

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