Hansen's Complete Illustrated Guide To Cameras: Two Volume Set - by William P. Hansen

Rochdale Publishing 2003. Soft-cover, 8 1/4 x 10 3/4", 96 pages, B&W illustrations. Contains specifications for 35mm cameras only. Includes:
Volume 1
Asahi Pentax S1/H1 Family to Pentax P3 Family
Canon Canonflex RM to the Canon EOS Rebel 2000 Family
Leicaflex SL to The Leica R4 Family.
Volume 2
The Minolta SR-1 Family to The Minolta Maxxum HTsi
The Nikon F Family to the Nikon N8008 Family
The Olympus OM-1 Family to The Olympus OM-4 Family
Each model is described referencing changes from the previous model.

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