Great Ideas to Simple-tize your Photo Selection Process with Suzette Allen

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Shootsmarter Easy & Elegant Series 2012. Tutorial DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended). Run time approx 50 minutes. DVD ships in a plastic clam CD/DVD case

Selecting your best photos to show a client, present in your online portfolio, or to share with your friends on Facebook doesn't have to be a long or complex task. Suzette shows you how to add in keywords and meta data with ease, edit out the bad images and highlight the great images in record time. Then let's make it easy to gather up all your winners and storytellers to build your portfolio to keep your photography growing skyward. No matter if you are one of Suzette's long time pro fans, or a new photo enthusiast, you will get plenty of great info in this hour long DVD.

Show Highlights:
• Keeping backups of your prized images. How and where
• Easy organization of you digital images
• Learning the best programs to use for your image collections
• What are keywords and Meta data and how can they help you

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