Glamour Shots: A Guide To Professional Lighting Techniques 1997

By Roger Hicks & Frances Schultz. Third Printing, 1997. Rotovision. Part of the "Pro-Lighting" Series. Soft-cover, 7 1/2 x 10 1/2", 159 pages, over 60 first-class photographs demonstrating a vast range of lighting techniques and set-ups. This volume encompasses a wide range of subjects, styles of photography and types of models. Primarily, all glamour photography has to fulfil one common factor; it has to be an accurate projection of how we would like to see ourselves and our lives. Whether it conveys an idealization of our wealth, beauty, sex, or lifestyles, we all look to glamour photography as a fulfilment of our fantasies. The skill of such photography often relies on the lighting techniques and arrangements. The authors present over sixty examples, in each case the lighting techqniques and equipment are described in full, together with an explanation of how the end effect was achieved. Very Good Condition.
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