Filmmakers Newletter 1971-72 (10 issues)

SKU BR222/Filmmakers Newsletter 1971-72
Published by Filmmaker Newsletter Co., New York. Publishers/Editors: Suni Mallow, H. Whitney Bailey. Ten total copies: March, 1971 Vol4/No5, Cover - Film Space; April 1971, Vol4/No6, Film Sound; July-August, 1971 Vol4/no9-10, Cover - The Shape and Angles of Film Distribution; December, 1971 Vol5/No2, Gimme Shelter byDavid Sadlin(Mick Jaeger); January 1972, Vol5/No3, Filming "Night of the Living Dead"; Feb. 1972 Vol5/No4, Filming at 21,000 Feet - The Murder of Fred Hampton; March 1972, Vol5/No5 - Gertrude Stein; April 1972 Vol5/No6 - Filming In China, Martin Luther King: A Filmed Record; June 1972 Vol5/No8 - Filming Andy Warhol's "Trash"; October 1972 Vol5/No12 - Fritz the Cat - Filming Sci-Fi: Item 72D. All are in good condition with slight rubbing on covers. Inside very clean, one issue has three check marks on index page.
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