Extended Essentials - Creative Photography Indoors and Out: Engagement Portraits, Kids Together, and Marketing too. With JOEY IKEMOTO (Tutorial DVD) by ShootSmarter

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ShootSmarter 2008, Tutorial DVD. Play on any DVD player Worldwide (recommended).

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Creative Photography Indoors and Out: Engagement Portraits, Kids Together, and Marketing too. with JOEY IKEMOTO

Working inside the studio and shooting outdoors, Los Angeles based wedding and portrait photographer Joey Ikemoto lets our cameras in for a second ShootSmarter video. This time we see Joey setup, light then shoot a gorgeous set of engagement images on a classic background in the studio, on high key, then again outdoors. Next we watch and learn as Joey magically gets a family of young children to pose naturally in the park and along the walkway from the studio. Our video cameras catch every move so you can see how a successful pro gracefully gets his subjects to “light up” for the camera.

Also in this video are segments where Joey and Will Crockett discuss the business of wedding and portrait photography in detail that covers wedding proofing solutions, album layouts, Joey's kids club, and a great idea for getting final orders in on-time.

Here’s a look at what is covered in this 61 minute long video.

Chapter 01: Studio Layout and lighting
*** Background selections, canvas and muslin.
*** Background storage and changing (ingenious methods!)
*** Lighting setups and solutions
*** Main lights and fill lights on the various sets.
*** Gorgeous Xmas set (complete with fake fireplace).
*** Accent light with louvers doubles as a mainlight.
*** Metering and light ratios

Chapter 02: Formal Portrait Shoot
*** Joey poses and shoots Dark skin-toned African couple engagement portrait session indoors.

Chapter 03: Marketing for Weddings
*** Joey and Will sit down and discuss these topics:
*** Getting new wedding customers in the door (without doing bridal shows).
*** Using the beach?

Chapter 04: High Key Photo shoot
*** Joey takes the engagement couple dressed in traditional African clothes onto the high key set.

Chapter 05: Proofing and File Management
*** Editing and proofing solutions.
*** Proof prints form a Phaser printer with copyright.
*** High volume workflow – being efficient with every step.
*** Turnaround time on proofing and wedding albums with a 3 month target.
*** Joey reveals his most popular album brands and styles
*** Album layout production overview, design proof on Phaser.
*** When does Joey use the electronic projection room?

Chapter 06: Photographing Couples Outdoors
*** Shooting outdoors with only a fill card in late afternoon. Excellent outdoor posing as Joey shoots another session with the African couple.

Chapter 07: Running the business
*** Pricing structure for wedding photography.
*** Planning the photography sessions for weddings, using a second photographer.
*** Shooting JPEG vs. RAW on weddings?
*** Processing and color correcting the files.
*** Editing down, final corrections and print!

Chapter 08: photographing Children Outdoors
*** Joey takes an adorable family of 4 young kids outdoors for a few photo sessions. Posing, lighting with a fill card and Joey’s magical communication with kids is shown in real-time.

Chapter 09: Promotional Packages
*** Will and Joey discuss the studios “Kids Club” in the gorgeous showroom.
*** Email marketing to fill up the shooting slots.
*** Bringing in live bunnies for the springtime shoots.

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