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Exposure and Lighting For Digital Photographers ONLY by Michael Meadhra and Charlette K. Lowrie

Wiley 2006, softcover, 7-1/2 x 8-1/4", 346 pages, full color.

Light makes it happen. Here's how you can take control

In the film era, learing to manipulate lighting and exposure settings was basic to a professional photographer's education. But in today's digital world, the camera handles these things for you - that is, unless you manually reclaim control. Now veteran photographer Meadhra reintroduces you to the alchemy of light and exposure, showing you how to use these elements to create breathtaking photographic artistry with your digital camera.

*** Understand the essential nature and color of light and why photography truly is "painting with light"
*** Learn how lighting and exposure affect specific subjects
*** Try different aperture and shutter settings and explore their effects
*** Discover how to set up lighting for various shots and enhance lighting on location
*** Control motion with shutter speed and use exposure creatively
*** Recognize the effect of exposure on color and how to light a setting to establish a mood
*** Create masterful effects with light and shadow.

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