Essential Color Manual for Photographers by Chris Rutter

Rotovision 2006, Hardcover, 8 x 10", 192 pages, full color illustrations.

This is the definitive reference book for learning everything you need to know about color photography, including:
*** clear, concise explanations that demystify every aspect of working with color in-camera and in the digital darkroom
*** the mechanics of working with color channels and color systems, monitors, editing color information, correcting color casts and anomalies, and creating specialist images
*** inspirational practical sections on color saturation, recording the natural world, using filterm and much more!
*** showcases stunning examples of work by top professionals

*** Explores color photography from in-camera effects to the most sophisticated digital techniques
*** Learn how to capture the seasons, skin tones, and every type of lighting condition
*** expert tips, in-depth workshops, step-by-step projects, and hundreds of inspiring images.

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