Digital Photography for Children's and Family Portraiture - Second Edition by Kathleen Hawkins


Amherst Media 2008, 128 pages, 8.5 x 11", color illustrations

CREATE DIGITAL IMAGES THAT WILL DAZZLE YOUR CLIENTS—AND BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE Succesful portrait photography is about more than the latest equipment. It is about analyzing your competition, establishing your market, and offering a unique, in-demand product.
With digital technology, you are better equipped than ever to accomplish this goal, creating portraits that are perfectly geared toward your intended market while maintaining exacting creative control. Digital also gives you the ability to market your work more effectively, with blogging, web sites, and much more.
In this book, Kathleen Hawkins takes you through the entire process, showing you how to become more efficient, more creative, and more profitable. Additionally, eight leading photographers share their own insights into their most successful techniques for creating and marketing digital portraits.

•Evaluating your equipment needs
•Streamlining your workflow
•Sales and service techniques to build repeat bsuiness and maximize sales
•Tips for planning an organized and efficient shoot
•Artistic, sales, and marketing techniques from top children's and family portrait photographers

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