Digital Photography Expert: Light And Lighting: The Definitive Guide for Serious Digital Photographers by Michael Freeman

Lark Publishing 2004. Softcover, 8 1/2 x 9 1/4", 160 pages, color illustrations.

Like New copy with mild shelf-life wear on cover; mild rubbing. First 4 pages inside have crease.

Control light and lighting when taking digital photographs by learning all the advanteages this new format affords you. Light is the key element in photography--it both creates the image and defines the style and feel of a picture. With its ability to preview and adapt images, the digital camera pus you back in control. Once you know all its capabilities and understand the theory, you'll put into practice and shoot like a pro.

How does light work, both inside and outside the digital camera? What do you need to know about sensitivity, color temperature, and exposure? Integrate these elements effectively in your photos using the illustrated examples

Take advantage of existing light from the sun and moon. Find out the best approach for taking great photographs in every natural light condition, and see how the heights and angle of the sun can create drama or impact. Use dust, fog, and mist to great effect, and enhance natural light with photo-editing software.

Learn to work with light, whether it's the sun streaming through a window, the glow of a neon sign, or the warm and fragile light of a burning candle.

Manage both flash photography and studio light, fine-tune the exposures, and use diffusion and reflection to create different looks. Your expert lighting will model forms, reveal transparency, and emphasize texture.

Use light to its best advantage by learning about all the tools available with digital photography.

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