Digital Close-Up Photography Q&A by Paul Harcourt Davies

SKU Bx42-DigitalCloseUpQ&A-Davies

Pixiq 2011, softcover w/flaps, 8 1/2 x 10", 144 pages, color illustrations

When the camera gets close-up, it reveals details of color, shape, and texture we might never notice in real life. With this gorgeously illustrated step-by-step guide, Paul Harcourt Davies--whose name has become synonymous with macro photography--shows just what can be achieved with a digital camera, taking us into worlds many photographers never thought possible to record. He provides straightforward answers to frequently asked questions about the process, from equipment, software and composition to HD video and time-lapse video sequences, making sophisticated concepts understandable to the layman and empowering all photographers--whether they're using a mobile camera, modest point-and-shoot, or sophisticated DSLR.

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