Digital Camera Techniques by Jon Tarrant

Focal Press 2003. Soft-cover, 7 1/2 x 9 3/4", 189 pages, color photos.

The best photographs start with proper attention behind the camera before you take them. This book shows you how to achieve this by fully explaining how digital cameras work so you too can achieve professional-looking results without having to resort to image manipulation on a computer. It explains all the basics of digital cameras: their anatomy; an outline of broad classes, indicated by price bands and features offered; a comparison with existing families of film cameras as a useful guide to newcomers. Also provided are invaluable buyer’s guide pointing out features to look for on a digital camera before you make your purchase. Coverage includes detail on lenses, exposure basics, ‘correct’ exposure, using flash, the chip and the implications of this ‘restriction’, image quality and retaining this quality, as well as discussion of the difficulties of digital cameras and sections on specific types of photography with digital cameras.
Complete coverage is ensured with information on printing, storage and filing, the Internet as a medium of images, picture software and digital enhancement, always keeping the emphasis on the fact that the most important consideration is how you take the photographs and the vision you had then, and knowing when to stop tinkering with your image! This inspirational, full colour guide is what all digital camera owners have been waiting for.
*Learn from a professional how to make the most of your digital camera
*Improve the creativity of your pictures without having to use a computer
*See how you can overcome potential difficulties with this medium

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