Digital Boudoir Photography: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Fabulous Images of Any Woman by John G. Blair

SKU Bx78-Digital Boudoir / BLAIR

Thomson Course Technology 2006, softcover, 276 pages, color illustrations

Boudoir photography does not require its subject to be a beautiful, physically flawless woman. It does not require the use of extravagantly expensive equipments, props, and studio space. In fact, the very essence of boudoir photography is the idea that its subject is not a professional model and is not even necessarily in the boudoir. No longer confined to the idea of heavy makeup, lingerie, and the bedroom, the new age of boudoir photography is casual, sensual, and sexy. That is the premise behind Digital Boudoir Photography. Firmly grasping the freedom that digital photography affords, this book offers tips and techniques that allow anyone with a digital camera the ability to take attractive photographs of any woman.

Create beautiful, sensual images as you learn how to:

*** Select your equipment
*** Gather props and costumes
*** Determine your ideal location and lighting
*** Post your subject to emphasize her best features
*** Process, retouch, and print your images
*** Cover business issues such as copywrite and model release forms

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