Die neue Kodak-Retina und ihr System and Price List 1954 (German Only)

SKU BR10818-lKodak Retina and its System
Good Condition. Softcover, 6 1/4 x 7", 24 pages, 1954. Price List laid-in.


Retina Ib

Retina IIc

Retina IIIc

Telephoto and Wide Angle Lenses

Kodalux L Photo-Electric Meter

Retina Frame Finder and Optical Multiple Finder

Close-Up Rangefinder

Close-Up Attachment

Retina Table Stand

Retina Copying Stand

Retina Ground Glass Focusing Device

Retina Micro-Adapter

Retina Stereo Attachment

Retina Stereo Viewer

Retina Every-Ready Case

Filters and Lens Hood

Soft Focus Disk

Retina Lens Hood

German Only

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