Deep Blue: The Extraordinary Underwater Photography of Yasuaki Kagii

SKU Bx77-DeepBlue-Kagii

Goodman 2010, hardcover, 10 1/4 x 12 3/8", 256 pages, color illustrations

Magical and mysterious, the ocean’s depths are often compared to outer space. Photographer Yasuaki Kagii draws on this comparison throughout this remarkable celebration of the world beneath the waves. Through the eye of his camera, Kagii leads us into nearly uncharted territory, inhabited by seemingly alien flora and fauna of stellar beauty. His experience and reverence for aquatic life afford him privileged interaction with everything from shy marine mammals to the elusive, endangered Whale Shark.

Many of the sights Kagii captured only a few years ago no longer exist—making Deep Blue both a tribute to the ocean and an urgent call for its conservation.

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