David Busch's Sony Alpha NEX-5N Guide to Digital Photography by David D. Busch (Nex 5N)

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Cengage 2012, softcover, 350 pages, color illustrations

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The Sony Alpha NEX-5N is one of the most innovative cameras Sony has ever introduced, combining a tiny, mirrorless body with the same large 16.2-megapixel sensor found in bulky digital "mirrored" models, interchangeable lenses, programmable "soft" keys, a touch screen, and the kind of full control over settings and features that serious photographers require. As the owner of a Sony Alpha NEX-5N, you demand the ability to take outstanding pictures with your new camera. David Busch’s Sony NEX-5N Guide to Digital Photography shows you how, when, and why to use all the cool features, controls, and functions of the Sony NEX-5N to take great photographs. Introductory chapters will help you get comfortable with the basics of your camera before you dive right into exploring creative ways to apply file formats, resolution, shutter speed, and other exposure features. Beautiful, full-color images illustrate where the essential buttons and dials are, so you’ll quickly learn how to use the Sony NEX-5N, and use it like a pro!

Table of Contents:
1. Quick Tour: Shooting Your First Sony NEX-5N Picture
2. The Sony NEX-5N Roadmap
3. Setting Up Your Sony NEX-5N
4. Shooting Basics
5. Photography with your Sony NEX-5N
6. Advanced Shooting and Movie Making
7. Working with Lenses
8. Working with Light
9. Downloading and Editing
10. Troubleshooting Your Sony NEX-5N

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