David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Lighting by David D. Busch


Course Technology PTR 2009, softcover, 9 x 7 1/2", 202 pages, color illustrations

Have you mastered the essentials of your digital SLR camera and now want to learn how to use light as a tool to enhance your photographs? David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Lighting provides a concise introduction to working with light and exposure, improving your photos with filters and reflectors, and transforming good lighting into great lighting, all in a simple-tobrowse book. This guide offers focused information that explains the purpose and function of each type of lighting, how to use it effectively to take compelling photos, and how to improve the lighting you find in a scene. You'll learn how to create and work with diffused light, tame daylight so your pictures don't look overexposed, the secret to multiple light sources, how to use light creatively, techniques for action shots, lighting for travel and architecture, and much more. Each topic and concept introduced is condensed into a two- to fourpage spread, illustrated with striking full-color photographs, and all the basics of light and lighting are presented. The book is designed so you can thumb through it and easily find exactly the chapter and information you are looking for. And a mini-glossary helps by defining unfamiliar terms as you go. Get ready to conquer the mysteries of light to take better and more beautiful photographs.

*** Written for beginner to intermediate dSLR photographers the book covers everything from built-in flash fundamentals to specialty lighting for action or architecture shots.
*** Each topic or concept is explained using a clear, two- or four-page spread, and beautiful, full-color images illustrate the results of photographing with each setting, technique, or lens.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Basics of Good Lighting and Exposure
Chapter 2: Optimizing Exposure
Chapter 3: Available Light
Chapter 4: Electronic Flash Fundamentals
Chapter 5: Using Portrait Lighting Tools
Chapter 6: Portrait Lighting Techniques
Chapter 7: Lighting and Action
Chapter 8: Close-up and Macro Lighting
Chapter 9: Travel and Architecture

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