Das Spricht Fur Leica Spektrum Einer Faszination (In Leica Binder)

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Very Good Condition. White 2-ring binder with Red Lettering. Inside pages are laminated. German Only.

Pages Include:

Leica Marke

Leica Pluspunkte I

Leica Kameras

Leica R-E

Leica R5

Leica R6

Leica M6

Leica Objective

Leica mini

Leica C2-Zoom

Leica AF-C1

Leica Projektoren

Leica P150

Leca P155/P255

Leica P2000

Leica Ferglaser

Leica 8x42BA/10X42B/BA/

Leica 8x20BC/BCA-10x25BC/BCA

Bild-verglelche -20 foldout pages with photographs.

Brennweiten-und Perspektivenvergleich

Leica Vario-Objektive

Leica Macro-Objektive

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