Complete Guide to Light (The) by Mark Cleghorn

SKU Bx52-LIGHT-CompleteGuide-Cleghorn

Photographers Institute Press (PIP) 2008, softcover w/flaps, 7 1/4 x 9 3/4", color illustrations

Master the light and you master the photograph—that's the key idea in this hands-on guide to understanding and using lighting.

Internationally known photographer Mark Cleghorn uses jargon-free language to explain exactly how light works—and how it can be manipulated—in the photographer's medium. Cleghorn covers such subjects as using natural and ambient light, maximizing the benefits of an on-camera flash, and applying innovative Photoshop techniques. To make things even easier, he provides photos and graphics of various lighting setups that demonstrate how the placement of equipment alters the final result.

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