Collector's Pictorial Encyclopedia & Value Guide to 6x6 TLR Cameras by Karl F. Kahlau 2006

Used, excellent condition . . very minor wear on corner and some sort of decay of the cover photos, doesn't show up in a photo. Interior photos look to have faded a bit from the original color. That all being said the info is there. Published 2006, Softcover, 294 pages, 8-1/2 x 12", color & b&w illustrations.

This encyclopedia features over 1500 different cameras and illustrates more than 850 models.

Special sections include a list of over 200 Alphabetically listed manufacturers and distributors; a History of the 6x6 Twin-Lens-Reflex camera and a recap of historical milestones in the development of TLR's.
A complete listing of all to the author known camera names, as well as explanations of technical features often used on this type of camera. Besides technical information and year of manufacture also symbols are shown with each camera indicating an approximate value (exception Rolleiflex/Rolleicord).

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