Collecting and Using Classic Cameras with 320 illustrations by Ivor Matanle (Hardcover) 1986

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Thames and Hudson Ltd. 1986, hardcover, 8 x 10 1/2", 224 pages, 320 B&W illustrations

Good condition; inside pages clean. Dust jacket rough, some taping.

*** It's harder. It takes longer. The results are no better. So why do you do it?
*** How to buy classic cameras without getting eggs on your face
*** Reflex or rangefinder? Or TLR? Or folder camera?
*** Emulating Cartier-Bresson. Classic Leica photography
*** The other great rangefinder system - photography with a Contax
*** Despite what the Germans say, not all classic cameras are European
*** Who sold you that then? Out and about with a classic 35mm SLR
*** Not every twin-lens reflex is a Rolleiflex
*** And not every SLR takes 35mm film
*** The delights of unfolding a medium-format camera
*** Classic photography in your pocket - the 35mm folding camera
*** The non-folding viewfinder classic - among the most reliable of all
*** Getting the best from your classic camera
*** Appendices

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