Capturing The Night With Your Camera: How To Take Great Pictures After Dark

By John Carucci. (1995). USED - Shows slight wear. Amphoto. Soft-cover, 8 1/4 x 11", 144 pages, 154 color and 2 B&W photographs, diagrams, index. Every photographer tries to shoot at night, when subjects seem mysterious and magical, but different nighttime lighting conditions can pose quite a challenge. In Capturing the Night with Your Camera, John Carucci takes the mystery out of night photography. This much-needed book is the first step-by-step guide to focus on photographing at night, not just in low light.
Beginning with the idea that the time of night, weather conditions, and film type create the photographer’s “canvas,” Carucci describes the various forms of illumination that you can use to your advantage: artificial light sources, available light, and electronic flash. He also discusses such advanced techniques as how to freeze a fireworks display, photograph people at nighttime concerts and football games, and highlight a subject by “painting” it with light.
Throughout the book, easy-to-read diagrams illustrate such basics as light temperature, suggested exposure combinations, and corrective filtration. Filled with detailed instruction and more than 150 dramatic photographs, Capturing the Night with Your Camera is the book that photographers have been waiting for. It will enable—and inspire—you to take great pictures after dark.
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